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Top 5 games like coin master

Coin Master is one of the exciting games that is developed by Moon Active. This game currently has a 4.5 out of 5 ratings. People like to play this game as it is available free of cost. However, there are also some other exciting Top 5 games like Coin Master.

If you want some other games that are similar to Coin Master, you are in the right place. Here is the description of the top 5 games.

However, it is essential to know that all these games are based on different styles, graphics, and other strategies. So, if you are interested in Coin Master, it is essential to have a look at some of these games.

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Below Are The Top 5 Games like coin Master

Coin Kingdom

The Coin Kingdom is a game similar to the Coin Kingdom that is played with your Facebook friends and millions of players. In these games, coins and spins are used to raid your kingdom to come on the top.
In this game, you have to spin to earn your treasures for building and weapons to destroy the kingdom of other players. You have to collect the coins and build the kingdom on moving up to a high level. However, shields are used for safety.

If you want to become the strongest kingdom, there must be more treasures. This game is all about attack and raids the other players. Moreover, you can also hire a servant to raid more treasures.

Coin Trip

In this game, you can join yourself with other players to build your destination and compete with your friends.

If we talk about the main features of this game, there are countless. You can unlock many new travel destinations every week. Build your travel spot and raid your friends for more treasures. You can hit the jackpot and other valuable gifts for survival.

Piggy GO

Piggy GO game is all about to roll your dice and travel the world. Players from all over the world are with you. all you have to do is rolling the dices, attacking the city, raiding gold, and getting the jackpot.

There are several activities that do in this game like:

You have to join the fierce competition to fight for the first time. Then collect the tickets and go to the casino; rewards are waiting for you. After getting the bonus, you can start building the city. In the kitchen of the game, you can also make a delicious meal.

Island King

Island King is an exciting game that you can play with your Facebook friends and millions of players globally.

In this game, you have to spin the wheel to earn coins. Just turn the wheel to fall your fortune. You can also get your shield to protect yourself from attacks from the competitor. You can become the Island master with the best island and maximum coins.


In this game, you can rake your way through unexpected and twisted storylines. You have to restore a beautiful garden to its former glory. 

You have to swap and match to restore the beauty of the garden. There are hundreds of unique match-3 levels. However, there are different areas in the garden; all the regions are based on unique structures.


So, in the end, I told you that I play all the above games but like coin master a lot. The reason is that I love this game its challenging base game which entertains me a lot. Tell me your question about playing this game way you Love coin master?

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